"Our success is not because of the coverage we offer. It's because of the people who write the policies."

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Office Manager Title Ext Email
Gina Inzunza Office Manager 231 gina@kinginsuranceca.com
Erik Toberman Commercial MHP Manager 232 erik@kinginsuranceca.com
Nick Manzo Commercial Lines U/W 238 nick@kinginsuranceca.com
Melodie Barnes Commercial Lines U/W 244 melodie@kinginsuranceca.com
Mohammed Khalid Commercial Lines U/W Asst. 228 mohammed@kinginsuranceca.com
Corbett Gourie Commercial Lines U/W Asst. 230 corbett@kinginsuranceca.com
Heather Ferrini Professional Liability U/W 239 heather@kinginsuranceca.com
Personal Lines
Vanessa Munck Personal Lines Senior U/W 229 vanessa@kinginsuranceca.com
Vy Ngo Personal Lines U/W 234 vy@kinginsuranceca.com
Ryan Lorseyedi Customer Service Representative 233 ryan@kinginsuranceca.com
Lety Gutierrez Customer Service Representative 227 lety@kinginsuranceca.com
Heather Fine Personal Lines Assistant 239 hfine@kinginsuranceca.com
Tica Valdes / Gina Inzunza Claims Coordinator 243 claims@kinginsuranceca.com
Accounting Department
Gail Collins Personal & Commercial 241 gail@kinginsuranceca.com
Gina Inzunza Small Business 231 gina@kinginsuranceca.com
Premium Services
Joey Villanti Payment Plan Coordinator 245 joey@kinginsuranceca.com
Laura Fondarella Marketing Manager 225 marketing@kinginsuranceca.com
Dan Dessenberger Marketing Representative (AZ) 237 dan@kinginsuranceca.com