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Rating Questions

Desired Coverage Limit
How many motorized vehicles licensed for road use in your household?
What are the underlying autolimits?
How many residential properties in your household?
How many personal watercraft (jet skis, boats, etc.) in your household?
What is the number of drivers (Including learners permit)?
How many drivers under the age of 22 (Including learners permit)?
How many drivers are age 70 and over?
Are any drivers age 80 or older?
How many moving violations have ALL drivers had within the last 3 years? Include DWI/DUI violations within the last 5 years.
How many at-fault accidents have all drivers had in the last 3 years?
How many licensed less than one year, have a learners permit, or have a non- U.S. drivers license?
Do you elect to purchase Excess Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage?
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